Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't Waste Your Trade Show Displays

Xpressions PopUp Trade Show Display with Backlit Panel
After paying five bucks to walk through the door, she is overwhelmed by the number of trade show displays that seem to have everything: bright colors, lots of pamphlets, good lighting, but where should she begin? 

She has one quick little question about her project, so she steps up to the display to one. Maybe the guy's on a break. If she just hangs out a minute or two, surely someone will come along to answer her question. A minute comes and goes, two minutes come and go, and so does the potential customer. After searching through a pile of pamphlets and never finding the answer to her question, she politely sets them back down on the table and walks away.

She wanders past the next couple of trade show booths and runs into another display stand displaying the very product she is seeking again! Hooray! Maybe she can get an answer to her question this time. There are three people standing there, chatting among themselves, looking ever so professional and knowledgeable, and she says "Excuse me", but no one pays any attention. She clears her throat. It is pretty loud in here after all. Maybe no one heard her. 

A little louder she repeats, "Excuse me! Can somebody answer a question for me, please?" The people behind the counter look at her like she has three heads and one mutters, "There are brochures right there, Ma'am. I'm sure they will address your concerns" and turns back to hls conversation. Now she is really getting burned as she grabs the brochure and walks away. Why did she think it was worth it to drive all the way down here and pay good money just to be ignored? 

But she's here; so on she goes looking for other trade show exhibits selling the product she wants to investigate. She approaches another table and a cheerful young woman with a flashing smile says, "Hi! How are you doing today? Are you enjoying the show? I have some great presents for you. Here is a bag full of all kinds of goodies and a lollipop to sweeten your day!" At last! Someone is paying attention to her. 

She steps forward and takes the bag of goodies and says "Thank you, but I do have a question about this product. Is this something I can install myself, or will I need to hire a licensed contractor?" She looks up at the smiling young woman to realize that she is now smiling at someone else saying, "Hi! How are you doing today? Are you enjoying the show? ..."  With a deep sigh, she shakes her head and looks across a sea of trade show displays. 

She is just about to leave when she sees a nice looking young man standing in front of another banner stand displaying the same product. As she makes her way towards him he smiles and says "Hello. How can I help you?" She tries one last time. "Hi, Jerry, I am interested in the product, but I was just wondering if I could install it myself, or if I need a licensed contractor to do it for me." He smiles again and looks directly at her. "I'll be happy to tell you all about it. You will need a few tools, but all of the pieces are pre-cut and the holes pre-drilled for hardware included with the product. If you are reasonably comfortable with some basic tools, you will be able to follow the instructions and finish the project yourself in under a day."

No matter how great the product, success will always depend on who's minding the store! Don't waste your time creating great looking trade show displays and banner stands if the folks manning the booth for you won't be doing their job!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trade Show Graphics Tips

20ft wide tension fabric dye sub printed graphic
20ft wide dye sub printed tension fabric graphic

If you come away from a trade show feeling like you failed to make the impression you should have made, it may be time to think about adding a "little something" to your trade show displays. Upgrading your graphics can do a lot to engage attendees and improve the experience they have at your display.

There are many different types of graphic - different printing methods, different substrates that are commonly printed on, etc - and all of these possibilities include trade-off's. Most standard sign shops and your neighborhood printers are familiar with smaller format graphics, printed on paper, magazine, or book materials. These materials are rarely used in trade show displays - they aren't designed to be durable enough, or large enough, for trade show usage.

The trade show industry primarily uses what is called "wide format" graphics. This means graphic files that are designed to be printed in sizes ranging from a few square feet up to hundreds of square feet - quite a bit larger than your typical paper back book or magazine!

These files are typically created with Adobe's Create Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop) - if your designer is using any of the typical office programs like Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc., then they may not have the expertise or understanding needed for creating high resolution wide format graphics - if that is the case, consider outsourcing your design requirements. 

Once wide format graphic files are properly prepared, they are printed to a range of industry standard substrates; typically, because they can be very large, these are designed to be easier to transport - either the material rolls up or folds up - while still providing a background resolution sufficient for clear, attractive images and text.

Typical trade show graphic substrates include:

Lambda Bright HDL
These graphics are printed on a flexible material, amenable to being rolled up for storage or transportation. Lambda graphics are typically attached to the display stand using velcro, magnetic strips, hooks, or combinations thereof, and are typically laminated to protect the image. Trade show displays are always bolstered by the right graphics, and whether you want satin, gloss or matte finishes, Lambda prints are the highest quality flexible graphics available, and are the perfect solution for the mural graphics used on trade show pop up display booths.
20ft wide lambda mural graphic on pop up display frame

Lambda Duratrans
Similar to Lambda brights, these prints are placed on a flexible, plastic-based material designed to be translucent or transparent, with a light placed behind them that looks brilliant when backlit. These are generally used for light boxes, overhead backlit headers, or other backlit displays attached to your trade show booths, and can be done with or without an HDL laminate.

Prints with Lexan Backing
If you would like to support your prints with a firm base, these prints are done on fabric or vinyl with an adhesive back that are then attached to a Lexan cut precisely for the graphic. The Lexan can come in clear or black, to add to the visual effects of the graphic. It's also a great option when the budget is tight.

Vinyl Banners
These smooth prints on vinyl are perfect for versatile signage, regardless of whether the event is indoors or outdoors. They can be 150 feet or longer, and over 9ft wide without seams, and even larger - they can cover the side of large downtown office buildings! - if several pieces of material are seamed together. They can also be used for retractable pull-up or roll-up banner stands that use vinyl banners rather than fabric banners.

Dye Sublimation
This process is a full color print, heated to sublimate onto a specialty knit fabric. It is considered the standard for banner application because it has photographic quality, and still yields a large printed graphic that can be folded up for transport, and can even be cleaned in a washing machine if soiled.  

10ft wide dye sub fabric print with SEG attachment
Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)
SEG or silicone edge graphics normally use a dye sublimation print, but they are finished off with a silicone strip on the perimeter of the graphic. The strip is then inserted into the grooves of the extruded aluminum frames that form the framework for the trade show display graphic. The frame, grooves, and fabric dimensions all need to be precisely fit, in order to create a finished product that is striking and durable.

Make sure that you tell your designer about all of your concerns, including: color matching requirements (needs to match other printed materials), materials, typical reading distance, available space and turnaround time. 

If you plan ahead, you can normally count on getting outstanding trade show graphics for your displays that will fit your specifications, no matter the needs or requirements - if you don't plan and make your designer and printer and shipping company all rush, then you might get a good looking display, and it might be on time:).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Killer Criteria To Help Assure Trade Show Marketing Success

Trade shows are important regardless of whether you might be a brand new firm or a well-known business looking to extend your reach. In either case, you will probably be going to more than a few trade shows each year so you should have a display that is long-lasting and durable whilst still being remarkable enough capture visitor's eyes.

Pop up conference displays will be each and every one of those factors and more:

The lightweight framework folds down for easy shipping. The magnetic bars will fold-up into slender cases which convert nicely into a podium at your show. Even the biggest portable trade show booths can fit into the trunk of most vehicles and are also light enough so they can be carried effortlessly.

Long life
The frame might be light-weight, yet it's also really tough. Support frames usually come with a life time warranty so you can be assured that you're going to get at the least a few years of productivity out of these products with virtually no difficulties. Moreover, the structure is bolstered further with a tough cast hub that ensures the frame is going to support almost any display notion.

Pop up trade show displays come in shapes which are suitable for any event tactic. These products can easily fit on a tabletop to spotlight a particular component of your product and also they can go up to 20 feet wide to get a stunning background. It is possible to put together quite a few and also put a couple of 20-foot wide stands together to obtain a powerful impression. Just about all styles come with built-in cabinets and so you can adjust the appearance of the display to fit your requirements.

Pure Impact
All those attributes mentioned earlier on are supplemented with fabric graphics designed especially for the particular exhibit. The material, containing your images, will be drawn tightly over the frame to ensure that there are no wrinkles or sagging areas. The curved design also brings attention toward the center and the products and services you would like to spotlight.

There's nothing really similar to Perfect 10 Portable Hybrid Trade Show Booths: effortlessly recognizable, totally remarkable. The Perfect 10 blends large visuals, captivating contours, and portable installation into a beautiful Trade Show Display at a special price.

Regardless of your specific goal, pop up trade show displays have all the characteristics you really need, to find the best from trade shows for a long time. The prospective customers are going to be before you - pretty much all you'll need to carry out from that point is provide a solid product presentation for a good product or service - that you certainly already have!

Before investing a lot of money into your next trade show, do your business a favor and visit our website to look at quite a few remarkable custom portable trade show displays. You may also check out the many alternative assets available which will help you locate the most effective trade show displays for your forthcoming show.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trade Event Marketing Suggestions and Techniques

The most effective trade show pop up displays are the ones that plan for effective consumer interaction. This means considering the way the potential clients experience the interaction from the moment they approach the booth till they walk away. The objective is always to offer them a sustained impression which will demonstrate how your product benefits them.

I've witnessed both ends from the spectrum when attending trade events. The bad plans include inadequately designed trade show displays, little to no information about the item, negligible demos, usually from a sales individual that resembles the guy within the power suit, convincing people they want totally free cash from the government.

I recall
a show when the salesperson lumbered towards us, acting just like he came from a used car lot. He had bad breath, stained clothes, and just walked up and looked, without saying anything, until finally I was uneasy and prepared to walk away. He demanded to know why we hadn’t bought his product or service as yet. The truth is, he started to be quite demanding once we politely declined and it got to the point we had to turn around and leave.


The very best experiences are much more pleasant. An excellent looking trade show display stand at a veterinary convention comes to mind. They had a big show with tons of vendors, but a single supplier in particular caught our group’s attention. The merchant did not have a huge booth, however it was nicely decorated with a good looking display stand, great artwork and signs, all nicely organized. There was a video recording demonstrating the way their merchandise did the trick, trial samples that possible customers could check out, brochures clients might take with them and a well-informed and pleasant team that didn’t come off depressed. The truth is, they welcomed us instantly once we approached their spot, but they didn’t stick around close to us. They allowed us to pick up the tools and see the video. As we ready to depart, they asked if we wanted any additional information and were plainly educated concerning the goods and business. In sum, they were useful and professional.

It is all about your consumer - the things they observe, feel, and experience. If the presentation is dreadful or the staff is pushy, this may leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the consumer. However, if the merchant takes the time to prepare an expert looking trade show display, staffed by qualified personnel that are polite, well-informed, and useful, then the experience is much better. Potential customers will appreciate and consider the experience and the info, and stand a a lot better opportunity to really grow to be clients.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Several Killer Trade Show Displays

What do you want your display stand will look like at your upcoming trade show? What design, layout and ambiance would be perfect to advertise your company? Chances are, you've got a good plan of just what will likely be effective and also the appropriate trade show display will let you achieve that precise appearance.

Pop up Displays
There are many kit choices for pop up exhibits plus more cloth options. Regardless if you need a skilled look to frame a podium or perhaps a creative style and design to provide stimulation to a brand new product, these types of trade event stands travel easily and are generally fast to put together.

Tension Fabric Displays
Tension fabric models are really versatile. They are offered in table-top sizes, right up to 10 foot wide floor standing displays - and the 10 foot wide versions may be positioned in line, creating much wider displays.. All you have to do is unpack and unfold the framework, put in your artwork and stand the display in place. More importantly, they are as eye-catching and they're portable, so you will invariably grab lots of attention.